Sunday, March 20, 2005

America's Funniest Videos Gives Quadraplegic New Whimsical Perspective Of Jet Ski Crash

"I see the humor in it now," he says

An off-screen pier shattered Biff Korbut's
chances of a normal life, but gained him
a thousand dollar, second-place honor,
destined for syndication

Los Angeles--Biff Korbut never saw the humorous attraction to ABC's, America's Funniest Videos, until he witnessed his own spinal cord injury included as a contender for a $10,000 prize.

"I have to admit, despite the fact that a single, irresponsible moment on a personal watercraft rendered me trapped to a motorized chair with a bite-mechanism, I still got a chuckle out of it."

Korbut says that the ABC technical sound effects department that inserted strategically placed "Boing!" sounds at the moment both his femurs snapped might have been part of it.

Korbut's video took second to a clip called "Grain elevator grade schooler," and collected a hefty, thousand dollar stipend.

"The competition is so thick," he said. "I've watched the show for years, and seen nothing but pure, coincidental mishaps, with little or no bodily injury repeatedly get the nod. Somebody on the production staff has made a wise decision to include mortal accidents and ruinous automobile mergers with children."

When asked if he's bitter about taking second to a video portraying the skeletal obliteration of a curious 2nd grader, Korbut just waves it off.

"If somebody can get a laugh at my expense, then it's worth it." he said.
"Even if it's only second place."

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