Sunday, October 30, 2005

Al Franken: Retardus Maximus

Comic genius, Al Franken, is at it again at Arianna Huffington's blog. No wonder the left bows in deference to his deft ability to weave between the blurry Mason/Dixon at the border of satire and reality. He's the anti-Rove:

That's right -- it isn't a one-day holiday like Fitzmas. This could go on and on. One day a great gift like Libby, the next day a pair of socks (Ari Fleischer), the next day, who knows: maybe an Xbox 360 (Karl Rove)! Maybe this can be dragged out until the 2006 midterms.

Al's been taxing those uber-gifted synapses lately to great effect. Let's give him a break. It takes a lot of work to compare Karl Rove to an X-Box. Saturday Night Live must be having major withdrawl pangs for him. Also, "Maybe this can be dragged out until the 2006 elections?" Pure, ascerbic tactical genius. I would have never thought of that. Al again manages to pull another nut from the rubbish with this little gem. A surgical extraction of the highest caliber, if you ask me:
It occurs to me that all of this may be about covering up the phony rationale for the march to war.
Al has an uncanny ability to free a statue from the marble, the likes of which has not been seen since Michaelangelo carved the Pieta.

UPDATE: Franken very skillfully rooted out the truth about Bill O'Reilly. The only problem for Al is that it was what Bill said about himself anyway.

Short bus, please.

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