Saturday, March 19, 2005

This Blog Aparrently Not Good Enough For Blogs For Terri

Hey, who am I to question the standards held by others? Quite frankly, satire is a knawing, dirty little business, as the sad underbelly of human hypocrisy must be exposed in order for it to work.

But I do wonder what is it about this site that precludes me from being a part of the Blogs For Terri blogroll--I merely attempted to add my name as a symbolic aggregate supporter. I provide nothing new, or even very constructive. But I do provide something.

So the silence over there is deafening. I don't mean that I actually expected them to link to me, because I consider myself more of a colorful pillar of the assembly; nobody's going to email me with a scoop, or ad hoc depositions about the alleged abuses by Michael Schiavo conferred upon his wife. But it would have been nice to have a conciliatory listing--after all, I am swinging as hard as I can within the framework of my stylistic template.

Perhaps I am too edgy; too much of a gonzo, I don't know. Maybe they think I'm a heathen (if you can't see a flaming, Pentecostal worldview in anything I do, then maybe you don't get satire anyway)

Anyway, I support Blogs For Terri, and all their editorial decisions to keep the loudmouths like me out of the fray. Terri will most likely never benefit from anything I've done over here anyway. I'm just a hack.

But I do believe something: I believe that my style can illuminate an issue to people who are turned off by those who continually hold forth with the tired and worn-out "knee-jerk liberal," epithets, that while true and accurate, have a tendency to turn off people who would be more impressed with a little more rhetorical finesse. As much as I like the term "Feminazi," it belongs to Rush Limbaugh, and really only sees full wingspan on his show.

I'm finished. And disappointed that a greater good has taken subservient seating to editorial prudishness--as much as I respect the right to be that way.

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