Thursday, October 06, 2005

Since Half The Bush Administration Is Going To Be Indicted

I guess I'll have to jump off the Miers bandwagon and get to defending a President that won't defend himself.

So when Karl Rove is indicted--and make no mistake about it he will be indicted because that's the only seemingly effective tool the Democrats have--I'm saying it now. Bush better start having Rove by his side and DEFEND the guy.

For those of you jaundiced Democrats that might be reading this: Indictment means "democrats accuse Rove of . . ." That's it. Guilt has nothing to do with indictments when it comes from rabies-infested, politically-motivated lawyers.

Delay: Indicted. Use your heads. Think: "who are the other effective players in this administration," and just go ahead and assume they will be indicted for something. The dems happen to know it's 2006. Apparently, Bush doesn't.

They're playing smashmouth over there, people. Do I think a unified scream from his base will change Bush's "climb into a Whitehouse recess and make no statements while frustrating the tar out of your loyal base" approach?

Nope. He'll leave all the swinging, and the in-your-face fight to the rest of us once again.

Nice work over there, Mr. Congeniality. You actually think that when Fitzgerald tells you "Rove is not a target," that it means "Rove is not a target?"

The democrats are liars, Mr. President. That means they LIE.

I'm serious getting sick of this Administration's inability to fight back. Seems the little fighting man inside them had a bilateral stroke.

Calling Michael Schiavo!

So despite whatever faith any of you have in the Harriet Miers pick, there's one thing none of you can argue with now. And that has to do with woefully underestimating the reaction to the Miers pick. Great timing, to have your base bickering about your blank judicial template when they're going to deliver a media-sponsored legal suppository to your chief strategist.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

And I don't want to hear that I am yet again attacking President Bush for no reason, because I have two very good reasons to attack him:

Sorry, but these motivations override my monolithic Republican "suck up" mode every time.

He better hear his own base, or there won't be one much longer. Or, more correctly, no need for one.

UPDATE: The Anchoress suggests that Bush is easily swayed by requests not to go to war.

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