Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm Finished . . .

. . . editorializing about the relationship between how I view the President's character (stellar) to his tactical choice of Miers (weak-for-now).

Those who disagree with me can at least note one thing: I have taken no shots at her(with the exception of my awful analagous shot at her legal profession in general) . I can't, but I've found it impossible to toss any ammo for her as well.

All I may do on this subject is link to other blogs of varying outlooks on this. And unless something really big breaks on the subject, I'll remain in a more journalistically--styled pose about it.

I have plenty of friends in this medium who also happen to think I'm out of my mind on this--or at least my approach to it. I also realize that my style is ascerbic at times. If I can make people who generally agree with me 99% of the time experience a desire to see me go away, imagine what a blog like this does to leftists when the pendulum is in its more common orientation. I have some nasty letters to prove the latter.

I'm realistic enough to know that President Bush isn't going to do to Harriet Miers what Bill Clinton did to Lani Guinier--besides, the latter situation was because Bill just didn't need the headache. Bush will tolerate any headaches he believes are intractibly attatched to the implementation his convictions.

So, I'm going to passively support this nomination. Trusting Mr. Bush on this is all I've got, and my only viscerally-delivered complaint has been, that I wish I had a second handle on the face of this sheer cliff of uncertainty.

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