Sunday, November 21, 2004

Gibson openeth not his mouth

Apparrently, Mel Gibson has decided to remain somewhat restrained in the Oscar race with regard to his film, The Passion of the Christ, in lieu of the typical handwringing and begging at achievement's door engaged in by an otherwise sychophantic industry. This somehow registers as a "moral breakthrough" in the minds of industry Cognosetti, who make an overt point of praising Gibson's tempered approach:

Academy President Frank Pierson praised Gibson for working to restore the Oscars as a "celebration and appreciation of excellence" and resisting the "crass commercialism that was threatening the integrity of the award."

Which is interpreted to mean:

"Okay, so we maligned you as a rabid anti semitic, right-wing patsy of an unstable religious contingent, went after your aged father, and implored every 'expert' we knew to go on network news programs and predict that your movie would have every kid on 602 probation throwing jewish infants into their microwaves when they got home from the theatre. We are a bit chagrinnned this did not happen, maybe even a tad embarrassed. $600 million later and the only casualties were a few cardiac arrests in the theatres and a few bruised thumbs from people making protest signs.

Thank you, Mel for shutting up about the movie, thus deadening the contrast of our delusions with your reality!"

I have a feeling that Mel Gibson believes that if Jesus could carry his own cross, that he can carry an Oscar win--the latter having no value anyway. Besides a truly anti-semitic film would have never been panned by the left in this country. . .

Because it might have offended a poor beleagured muslim somewhere. . .

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