Sunday, November 21, 2004

. . . and nothing but the Bill.

Bill Clinton's Presidential library inauguration went off without a hitch--in fact a hitch is what's missing from the end of what looks like an avante garde, stylized, postimodern single wide parked on a bass pond.

Really, though. I like the style, and the whole "bridge to the 21st century" allusion is not lost on me, even in my prismic, neo-con myopia. Though I have a few lingering questions about whether a structure that breaks over an open body of water is meant to bring people in, or present enough metaphorical punch to keep Ted Kennedy out.

All this, and yet the media is astonished that President Bush presents a class act, replete with complimentary repartee. This just goes to show just how brilliant it is to have the world press corps. believe you are an idiot, when in fact you are the exact polar opposite (and if the Democratic party had paid attention to Bill Clinton's assessment of George W. Bush, instead of Barbara Streisand's, we might have a bona fide war hero for president.

I believe that every sitting president will go to hell if killed in office. Because every sitting president has to lie like there's no tomorrow on certain issues, and this done for diplomatic reasons. These lies are what sets us apart from those completely civilized denizens of intellect in the arab street. George W. Bush understands this "language of civility" enough to say things like:

"Senator Kerry and his lovely and gracious wife Teresa"(and no Mr. Bush did not put his hands up to do quotation marks while saying this)

"Our allies, the French" (or, the lovely and gracious Gaul Stones)

"Islam, a Religion of Peace"

And last but not least, with regard to the first of twenty-seven deaths of Yasir Aarafat:

"God Bless his soul."

That last one even grates on me. Methinks George doth take his compassion to the ninth circle for no good reason.

Before anyone accuses me of "lookism" on the part of Teresa Heinz Kerry, I refer not to the fact that she was possibly separated at birth from Ronnie James Dio, but to her whole "Gadarene Demoniac" persona that would occasionally peer out from the Halcion curtain while stumping hope's trail.

What's really sad? The left will eventually take to destroying John Kerry's breadwinner with gale-force themselves, once they realize that she was very helpful in seeing to it that John would not assume the office of POTUS.

And this blog seeks not to disparage Ronnie James Dio one bit. My specious physical comparison is where all similarity ends. the rest is contrast:

  1. Dio sang for Black Sabbath (who have a better reputation in the Bible Belt than the Kerrys)
  2. Dio is the head of his own French Castle.
  3. Dio can at least veil his pseudo-European, Tartuffian arrogance with the piquant word and lyric, and avoid the whole "peasant" and "serf" thing.
  4. Dio's possession by Lucifer seems temporary and theatrical.

Okay enough. My inaugural blog bespeaks a man in need of therapy himself. . .

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